Welcome to the website of the Dundee University Staff and Students lunchtime club .

We are a group of staff, students and others who organise and play regular lunchtime badminton games. The club has been in existence for several years, is informal, with no joining fees or membership applications. We play with good quality feather shuttles, which currently costs 1 per player, per hour-long session. We pre-book 2 courts every weekday lunchtime at 12.30-1.30, and those wishing to play enter their names in a Google Drive timetable. Where there are odd numbers on the timetable, the last person does not show up and play.

This method of organising games means there is a maximum of four people on each court - no waiting around to play. There is no requirement for you to commit to play every week - some members play 2 or 3 times a week, some play once a week - others once a month. Picture of badminton player with racquet and shuttlecock

How can I join and start playing? .

Have a read through the Lunchtime Badminton Playing Details Page and Lunchtime Badminton Further Details Page - then send us an email asking to be added to our mailing list. Request as many or as few games as you like and only 'unsubscibe' from this mailing list when you're sure you don't wish to play any more. If you need some encouragement to get playing and want to start with a few lighter games, let us know and we will arrange something, otherwise just dive right in!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via Lunchtime Badminton Email